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Mold and Air Quality Inspections

As a FL State Licensed Mold Assessor, I examine your condo from a different aspect which is often in conjunction with a Standard Pre-Purchase Inspection. I will conduct an evaluation of the condo unit focusing on active moisture sources, moisture stains musty odors or suspect growth. I will swab any suspect growth for identification and take the appropriate bio-aerosol air samples inside the condo and one outside the condo for comparison purposes.

In addition to the above, I can conduct air sampling which focuses on the presence of Volatile Organic Compounds “VOC’s” with an emphasis on the Mold Specific Volatile Organic Compounds or “MVOC’s”. I refer all samples taken to an independent laboratory for analysis. Upon receipt of the labs analysis, I produce a brief, site-specific report outlining my Mold Inspection Findings and recommendations.

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